From a clients perspective, Lifeworks Insurance is unique because of the agents you work with and the process we go by obtaining your insurance policy.

Every agent has at least 5 years of experience, and many of them have a background in managing their own insurance agencies and staff.

At Lifeworks, we share a passion for building mutual trust with our clients, but most important— we are there at times of need. When you have a Lifeworks Independent agent working for you, you’ve added a valuable member to your financial advisory portfolio. The assistance you receive from us is advice that is driven by your individual or family needs, goals, and finances.

Customer Service Above Profits

We know and recognize that the current product distribution model for life insurance emphasizes volume at the expense of good, old-fashioned customer service. Solid telemarketing “closers” are deemed more valuable than experienced, seasoned veterans who invest their time to ensure customers understand all of their options.

The “hire in masses, train in classes, and fire their asses” approach used by most call centers is, unfortunately, an effective and profitable technique. It also oftentimes results in low-ball quotes, bait and switches, declines, poor service, and, ultimately, an unsatisfactory customer experience.